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Memoirs Online

Collinsville Memoirs Online


Memoirs-Online is an ongoing project of the Collinsville Connect Telecentre. After years of collecting and databasing photos, audio and video of Collinsville, the decision was finally made to 'go online' so that all our images would be available to everyone.

With over 25,000 images in our collection, Memoirs Online is a work in progress. With all hands on deck, we hope to have the complete collection online in 2010. Until then you may notice a few 'holes'in the collection, or you may not be able to find a certain photo you know we have. Please be patient! If you have any serious concerns, you can contact us on In the meantime, have a look at what we've got, and leave some comments about pictures for us, as we will then be able to add information to each picture... and retain this information for genrations to come.

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