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Description: Collinsville Touch Football. Beazley Bombers, coached by Robert McLean.

L-R: Jodie Mackrill, Tricia Smyth, Ann Baker, Rayleen James, Janine Hoffmann (now Mrs Bradford).


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Janine bradford:Liz, yes the same person. You can contact me through Fb my surname is Bradford.

liz mildon:wow!! had just been looking on this site and asking for memories since 1977, then just saw this photo and the name Janine Hoffman who if the same person was a friend in my few years at Collinsville !!

:yes. Beazley Bombers coached by Robert McLean was touch footy team

:It was touch football not basketball.

:Jodie Mackrill

:Should be Janine Hoffmann not Tricia

:L-R ? Mackrill,Tricia Smyth, Ann Baker, Rayleen James, Tricia Hoffmann

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