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ID: 2327
Date: 1979
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Description: St John Boscos School 1979

Back L-R: Peter Rynne, George Nicholson, Martin Kingston, Barry Morgan, John Want, Andrew Poli, Ross Gall. Middle L-R: David Foley, Jeffrey Crozier, Michelle Nicholson, unknown, Veronica Porter?, think ? Graham, Chris Lee, Sister Alexis. Front L-R: Ian Morrissey, Paul Hannah, Allison Davis, Irene Jones, Paul Morgan, David Wakeling.


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JP: Thanks Martin, will be good to have a full list of names. Pleased you are enjoying the site.

Martin Kingston:Wow - what a walk down memory lane. I am the boy 3 in from the left, back row. I actually have the full class list and the original photo at home. I will fill in the blanks when I dig it up.

MM:Michelle and George Nicholson. Parents owned a property in Cville area and they are related to Maureen Kennedy, her brother George''s children.

JP:Thanks Lyn, comments have been updated. I wonder who they are.

Lyn Nicholson:Neither Colin Nicholson nor his sister Pauline are in this photo. Both were older than this class. Not sure who the children are.

:John Want

:back 2nd left Colin Nicholdon

david crozier:That is Jeffrey Crozier.

:2nd unknown in middle row could be Veronica Porter

:Middle 2nd from left could be David Crozier

MM:Back L-R Peter Rynne, ? Nicholson(cousin to David Kennedy)unknown, Barry Morgan, ? Want, Andrew Poli, Ross Gall middle - David Foley, unknown, ? Nicholson (sister to above Nicholson), unknown, unknown, think ? Graham, Chris Lee,Sister Alexis front L-R Ian Morrissey, Paul Hannah, Allison Davis, Irene Jones,Paul Morgan, David Wakeling.

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