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ID: 2322
Date: 1976
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Description: St John Boscos School 1976

Back L-R: Paul Hogan, Neil Maloney, Jodie Doig, Jane Collins, Leanne Dukes, Carolyn Davis, Jason Hall, Jeff Nugent. Middle L-R: Gavin Beazley, Bruce Beazley, Tony Jones, Danny Morrissey, Colin Nicholson, Colin Morrissey?, boy Illguth?, Pierre Van Wyk. Front L-R: Rachael Monaghan, Anita Poli, Robyn Haller, Mary Ganly, Sr. Stanislaus (later Sr. Josephine), Madonna Bulloch, Sharon Rynne, Donna Lee, Andrea Bulloch.


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Mary Schroeder (nee Ganly):The boy on the far left in the back row is Paul Hogan and I think the boy on the far right middle row is Pierre Van Wyk not Peter Rynne.

Jodie doig :The second person in on the left is Neil maloney, the girl next to Jane Collins is leanne dukes, in the middle row on the left the boys are gavin and Bruce beezely, and beside them is tony jones. Next to Anita poli is robin haller, and the unknown girl on the end is Andrea bullock.

MM:midd. 3 unknown Danny M. Colin Nicholson, Colin Morrissey, ? could be an Illguth, Peter Rynne ? Front Rachael M ....... My mistake couple of names gone astray

JP:MM - Would you check boys names middle row on right please. I'm not sure if I have them in correct order.

MM:2322 At back unknown, unknown, Jodie Doig, Jane Collins, unknown, Carolyn Davis, Jason Hall, Jeff Nugent middle row - unknown, unknown, unknown, Danny Morrissey, Colin Nichiolson, Colin Morrissey, Ganly, Sr. Stanislaus(later Sr. Josephine) Maddonna Bulloch, Sharon Rynne, Donna Lee next could be a Bulloch.

:2322 back L-R first 2 unknown, Jodie Doig, Jane Collins, unknown, Carolyn Davis, Jason Hall, Jeff Nugent Middle - first 3 unknown, Danny Morrissey, unknown, ?Peter Rynne front Rachael Monaghan, Anita Poli, unknown,Mary Ganly, Sr. Stanislaus (later Sr. Josephine) Madonna Bulloch, Sharon Rynne, Donna Lee, ? Bulloch

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