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ID: 1609
Date: 1947
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Description: Collinsville State School, Prep 2

Back L-R: Brian Mackie, Len Jones, John McFadzen, Bob Fullerton, Denis Wong, Stephen Bushell, Barry Knight, Roy Hjortshoj. Third row L-R: Alan Bruce, Garth Budge, John Williams, Bevan Ford, Charlie Ruff, Syd Ruskin, Dale Hinds, unknown, Gurnie Clamp, Henry Duncan. Second Row L-R: Janette White, Audrey Beauchamp, Daphne Eckford, Beverley Miller, Valda Brown, Lorraine McCarthy, Pam Smedley, Marilyn Fleming. Front L-R: Wendy Williams, Pam Spring, Valerie Moran, Ellie Peacock, Lorraine Ruff, Kay Smedley, Olive Craig-Havern, Florence Townsend, Ann Templeton.


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Lorraine McCarthy (nee Thorne):I have a note that the person between myself and Bev Millar is Valda Brown - does that ring a bell with anyone? Also that the one in the back row, far left next to Lennie Jones is Brian Mackie.

Olive Craig-Havern:Kay Smedley definitely next to me, she was my best friend & Pam definitely next to Lorraine Thorne.

Sid Ruskin:between John Williams and Charlie Ruff is Bevan Ford. His oldman worked on the railway

MM:Is Pam Smedley in front between Lorraine Ruff and Olive Craighaven - Kay Smedley is 2nd row between Lorraine McCarthy and Marilyn Flemming. Checked with Pam.

MM:Running a check on Pam/Kay Smedley to know who is where. Hoping Pam will respond. Unsure Wendy of ? Bev Miller(now Honnery) is in photo or do you mean where is she nowadays. If so at Cville.

Wendy Doherty(Williams):Have just stumbled across this site - wondering where Bev Honnery is. Puddy Martin was not in our class!! I'm sure it's Kay (ie. Smedley) in the front row.

Jeanette:Could unknown in second row be Estelle Menton??

Jeanette:What a good looking group of kids. Good to see the old memory still working Stephen, thanks.

Stephen Bushell:Back row from left ?, Len Jones, John McFadzen, Bob Fullerton, Denis Wong, Stephen Bushell, Barry Knight, Roy Hjortshoj, Second row from left Alan Bruce, Garth Budge, John Williams,?, Charlie Ruff, Syd Ruskin, Dale Hinds, ?, Gurnie Clamp, Henry Duncan, Third row from left Janet White Audry Beauchamp Daphne Eckford. Beverly Miller, ?, Lorraine Mcarthy, Pam?Smedley,Marilyn Fleming, Front Row from left Wendy Williams Pam Spring Valrie Moran, Ellie Peacock Loraine Ruff Kay?Smedley, Olive CraigHaven, Florence Townsend, Ann Tempelton.

:Lorraine : Yes Jeanette, also think they would be the Smedley twins. The one near Dennis Wong looks like Stephen Bushell, but seem to think Stephen would have been at the convent school.

Jeanette:Making a guess: Alan Bruce 3rd row on left, Smedley twins 2nd row 7L and front row 6L.

:1609. 4th from l at back looks like Puddy Martin. Could be Dennis Wong next to him. Next one looks like Stephen Bushell.Second front row fouth from left looks like Beverley Honnery (Miller). Will do some checking.

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